Uiwix Alternative threats like Wanna Cry Ransomware

China found that the new extortion virus Uiwix more difficult to stop the spread.

“WannaCry” (also known as “WanaCrypt0r 2.0”) rampant global occasion, China National Computer Virus Emergency Response Center yesterday found out a “Uiwix” called the new extortion virus in foreign countries, infected with the virus computer.

All documents will also be encrypted and bitcoin messages will appear.

National computer virus emergency treatment center executive vice director Chen Jiemin said the extortion virus and the current popular “WannaCry” extortion virus using a similar way of transmission, also using the same SMB service vulnerabilities to spread the infection of Microsoft’s Windows operating system,  The hacker will re-name the victim user file. All files will have an “.UIWIX” suffix.

Authorities said that the public has not yet received the report of the computer by the “Uiwix” blackmail virus infection, but in Taiwan, Internet users have said some of them are affected, was extortion of 6500 yuan (about 1680 Hong Kong dollars) of the bit currency.

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