What are Linux?

Linux is a free use and free spread of Unix operating system, is based on POSIX and UNIX multi-user, multi-tasking, multi-threaded, multi-CPU operating system. It is possible to run the three major applications of UNIX utility software, applications, and network protocols. It will support 32-bit and 64-bit hardware. Linux adhering to the Unix network as the core design ideas, is a relatively stable performance of multi-user network operating system.

When Linux Born?

Linux operating system, on October 5, 1991 began to be born, it is the first time officially announced. Linux has many different versions of distro, but they all use the Linux kernel. Linux can be installed in a variety of computer hardware devices, such as mobile phones, tablet PCs, routers, video game consoles, desktop computers, mainframes and supercomputers.

Strictly says , Linux itself only represents the Linux kernel, but in fact we have been accustomed to using Linux to describe the entire Linux kernel, and the use of GNU engineering tools and database operating system.
What is the reason why Linux is popular? Here I will tell you the ten reasons why we must understand.

Reason that makes Linux Popular

High security

In Linux, you do not worry about the virus and the backdoor, because the Linux architecture and software distribution mechanism does not allow the existence of the virus, on the contrary, on Windows, if you not installing any anti-virus,  you are not dare to run any application on it. Windows operating system has gave the operator too many default permissions, of course, Windows are giving virus infinite privileges and vulnerabilities. Linux, you cant even enter the root user at the first time, cant even install anything without root access on the server , Thats means , Viruses that occur on your user have no super privilege  to run on the linux machines.

High performance availability

Linux is very stable, unlike Windows, you update or play any tiny patch will ask you to restart, the Internet running millions of Linux servers, these servers run 7X24 hours, a few years do not restart the server, is considered A very normal thing, Microsoft’s two important sites live.com and bing.com are running Linux.

Easy to Maintain

Maintenance of the Linux operating system is very easy,  install software on linux also very easy, because each release will have its own software center, compiled by the official, because the stability of our trust, of course, the virus is unable to hide, Just a few mouse clicks, you can install and update our software, let us peace of mind to use, without fear of copyright issues. And all the commonly used software, such as PDF readers, Firefox browser, will be installed by default to the operating system.

Free to run on any hardware

From the giant machine, mainframe, minicomputer, computer, mobile phone, dozens of dollars of embedded computer, can run a complete Linux, so you do not have to worry about your experience can not be extended, can not inherit, use Linux, you can keep calm and keep lazy.

Open source

Do not worry about the backdoor process, there are millions of programmers in the world processing the development, maintenance, review these procedures to ensure that these procedures can be used for you.


If you are a high-level users, you can create any of Linux tools , you can even create a new type of OS something like Redhat.

Free to use 

Linux is the world’s largest free software group, from education, training, finance, social networking and exploration of the sky, are free of charge, Linux is completely free of the operating system, do not need to pay any fees.


Students can learn how computers work and they can develop and execute their own compiled code that allows students to understand how the computer works inside, which will allow them to more actively use their own abilities to solve problems that exist in the world, even if Users will not be programming, Linux also gives them a way to make this world a better way, such as helping to translate documents and find bugs. Linux can also help college students, changes the boring mathematical tools, chemical elements with beautiful graphics, animation, to deepen their impression, to improve their understanding of the nature of things.


Linux has the world’s most powerful community support, this community is not controlled by a company, so there is no collapse of the problem, any valuable problems, will be quickly resolved and repair the community, of course, for steward service , You can also buy enterprise-class services.

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