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(Beijing 19/05/2017) extortion software “WannaCry” invasion of the world, Tencent anti-virus laboratory found that the virus in order to fight against anti-virus software, is constantly evolving, in addition to encryption, but also change their own name. The lab found a sample called “WannaSister”, which proved that the virus was still up to date or would have set off another “extortion storm”.

Media Report

Media reports, Tencent anti-virus laboratory found hacker development path, part of the sample name is no longer “WannaCry”, but become “WannaSister”, also refers to the sample is a virus update to fight against anti-virus software one of the means The

“WannaCry” in the evolution of the original virus based on the pack, for example, in the code by adding a lot of normal string information, string information added a number of picture links, and the virus encrypted, on their own resource files. The virus analyst is misleading.

The report also pointed out that the large-scale network attacks, likely because of  United States National Security Agency Use Microsoft vulnerabilities to developed hacker tool, unexpectedly leaked by the hacker organization Shadow Brokers.

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