Telegram is down at the moment (Updated 6.01pm GMT+8)

Few hours fighting, telegram is now back online

User still complaining @telegram still not working through twitter.(Updated 5.47pm GMT+8)

Latest update from Telegram, but we found out desktop version and phone version is not sync at the moment.(Updated 5.32pm GMT+8)

Tested in malaysia, Telegram is now recover. (Updated 5.21pm GMT+8)

Incident on Data Center Network still on going….(Updated 5.09pm GMT+8)

Second update from telegram, Never Happen..

Telegram update in their twitter status.



The down report still increasing at the moment.

Telegram social media communication app had been down around 20 minutes and still ongoing.

A group of user already mention it on Twitter from around the world.

you can get the latest news regarding to the down status (Live) here

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