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A cyber-security expert in Croatia has discovered a new malware that gathers seven hacker software that allegedly leaked from the US National Security Agency (NSA), who warned that there would be a more shocking earlier than WannaCry attack.

Miroslav Stampar, who works in the Croatian computer emergency response team, recently discovered a new malware called EternalRocks, which utilizes seven kinds of rumours that were stolen by the NSA and were made by the hacker organisation “Shadow Brokers” (EternalBlue), (EternalRomance), (DoublePulsar), and so on.

Stampa Research

According to Stampa’s research, the new malware will be divided into two phases when the computer is loaded, and the second will be implemented 24 hours after the first phase to avoid being detected.

“Some people have put these loopholes in a malware,” he said. “I guess there will be a bigger hacker attack than WannaCry.” Temporary “eternal stone” is in the midst of the phase, Computer, and wait for future attack instructions.

Source from Bleeping Computer.

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